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Landmark Elementary

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

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    School Hours

    Monday& Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

    Transitional Kindergarten-everyday

    (A.M. 7:45 am– 11:15 am)



    (A.M. 7:45am - 11:15pm)

    (P.M. 10:45am - 2:15p.m.)

    1st –5th Grades

    7:45am - 2:15pm



    7:45 a.m.--12:25 p.m.

    After School--Update 2019-2020

    Reminder to students/ parents: Bring your homework to after school program every day and be ready to give your best effort so we can give you the help you may need. (This is not a guarantee homework will be completed!)

    Notes to parents:

    If your child has an appointment after regular school or during after school program, please sign them out  from MU1 the After School Program Office.

    If you have instructed your child to walk home or take the bus please call our office or give your child a note telling us you have given them permission to leave for home rather than attend after school program.

    These procedure are important so we know where our students are and that they are safe.

    It is expected that students attend after school every day they attend regular school but of course there are exceptions that are listed on our sign out sheets.  

    If your child is attending an alternate enrichment, sports or some other appointment one or two days a week on a regular basis, please fill out a Parallel Program Form which you can get MU1, the After School Program Office.

    Thank uou for allowing us to have your children in our care!






    In the Spotlight

    About Us

    Welcome to Landmark Elementary. Landmark Elementary School is 14 years old now! Since the schools opening, we have worked hard to build a school community where children can learn and grow to their full potential. Our teachers, students, and families are our primary focus.

    We have a strong academic program in all curricular areas for all students. We identify and support students who need extra help, and through flexible groupings and team teaching, we encourage students who are working at an advanced level to work at an even higher level. All students participate in Targeted leveled grouping that provide academic and enrichment opportunities, science & social studies.

    We offer a strong English Language Development (ELD) program, in which students are grouped and team -taught as a grade level. We promote academic language development throughout the school day. We have high expectations for our students, and our excellent teachers work hard to promote student achievement. We care about kids and learning!

    We are proud of our school program and look forward to welcoming new students into our Landmark School family.

    Mr. Roberto Torres, Landmark Principal


    Landmark Dragon Students