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Second Grade



We are so excited to have your student in second grade this year.


Reading- This year we are teaching reading in small groups and with the whole class. Small groups are based on students’ individual reading level in English. These groups work on phonics and reading comprehension. Students should be reading 20 minutes every night at home, preferably with someone to guide them. They can also work on Lexia.


Writing- We are beginning a new unit in January on informational texts, studying the Watsonville sloughs and the animals that live there. Students will be writing their own informational texts. The bilingual classes are transitioning to more writing in English this trimester.


Math- This year in math we have focused on different strategies to add and subtract numbers to 100, place value, and measuring with nonstandard units. Our math calendar has students identifying patterns, even and odd numbers, telling time, and reading graphs.


ELD- Students are in classes based on their English level. We are focusing on language development through science and conversational skills.



Bat's Assembly
2nd grade BATs assembly
2nd grade

Field Trips

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