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Fourth Grade

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          Fourth grade is when Dragonflies are emerging as independent learners. They are setting goals for their learning and taking ownership of their progress. As they fly through the school year they are preparing themselves for their future learning by developing foundational skills in reading, math and writing. They are exploring the world around themselves by investigating the sciences. Our fourth grade page is here to keep you up to date with our grade level and your Dragonfly's own class.

Explore California
Explore California

Writing and Data Cycle

           Dragonflies in fourth grade have been building their comprehension of literary works through writing a Response to Literature. As we take off on flight with this goal there are students who are strong at summarizing and answering a writing prompt.  Given the chance to develop a multi paragraph essay, students will form a thesis statement and cite evidence that supports their ideas.  All Dragonflies are building strength and endurance in writing, they are ready to soar!

Reading and RTI

During our homeroom reading block we focus on comprehension of grade level text through strategic activities, such as:

  • building background knowledge and making predictions
  • identifying figurative language
  • tracking main events on a story map
  • and responding to the author's message in a Response to Literature 

During Response to Intervention, students are challenged with fiction and nonfiction texts at their independent level.


Fourth grade math focuses on:

  • Ordering, Rounding, and Comparing numbers through Millions
  • Addition, Subtraction, and Order of operations
  • Simplifying Expressions and solving Equations
  • Using Variables and solving equations with two variables
  • Multiplying by a two digit number
  • Dividing three digit numbers
  • Positive and Negative Integers
  • Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals
  • Graphs and Ordered Pairs
  • Data and Probability
  • Geometry and Measurement